• Dan R. Ghica: Function interface models for hardware compilation. MEMOCODE 2011: 131-143
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Research papers
  • David B. Thomas, Shane T. Fleming, George A. Constantinides, Dan R. Ghica: Transparent linking of compiled software and synthesized hardware. DATE 2015: 1084-1089
  • Shane T. Fleming, David B. Thomas, George A. Constantinides, Dan R. Ghica: System-level Linking of Synthesised Hardware and Compiled Software Using a Higher-order Type System. FPGA 2015: 214-217
  • Eduardo Aguilar-Pelaez, Samuel Bayliss, Alex I. Smith, Felix Winterstein, Dan R. Ghica, David B. Thomas, George A. Constantinides: Compiling Higher Order Functional Programs to Composable Digital Hardware. FCCM 2014: 234
  • Dan R. Ghica, Alex Smith, Satnam Singh: Geometry of Synthesis IV: compiling affine recursion into static hardware. ICFP 2011: 221-233
  • Dan R. Ghica, Alex Smith: Geometry of Synthesis III: resource management through type inference. POPL 2011: 345-356
  • Dan R. Ghica, Alex Smith: Geometry of Synthesis II: From Games to Delay-Insensitive Circuits. Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci. 265: 301-324 (2010)
  • Dan R. Ghica: Geometry of Synthesis: a structured approach to VLSI design. POPL 2007: 363-375


  • Most papers available as PDF here